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From December 31, 2011 onwards all water tanks are required to be secured with a special lock. This is the aftermath of the May 2011 case where a maid was found dead in the water tank in a HDB block in Woodlands. From today onwards, the access to the water tanks are also to be secured.

To secure the water tanks, a special bracket is required. This has to be fabricated at the moment and in due time, would be widely available. At the same time, the locks are not the usual locks available to the public. These have to be specially purchased and water supply contractors normally carry them. PUB announced these measures to limit unauthorised access to the water supply and also to improve the security and integrity of the water supply.

Councils are advised to check with their Managing Agents if the locks for the access to the water tanks have been changed and also the brackets/lockset have been changed for the water tanks. It is an offence not to change them.

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