What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Council?

The Management Council of an estate is answerable to the owners of the units and government. Thus, the management of the estate should be done in accordance to the law with transparency, prudence and also honesty.

As most Council members are volunteers, it may not be possible to demand utmost knowledge, experience and skills in the management of an estate. All efforts by the Council is often on a best effort basis. Most of the time, owners do not want to be in the Management Council due to the commitment needed. Sometimes, taking on the role of a Council member is a thankless job as owners are constantly unhappy with the state of maintenance and upkeep of the estate or have a differing opinion on the approach of the Council.

The Chairman or Chairperson is the most important person in the Management Council. He/she should be visionary and set the broad directions for the Council to take. Buy-ins from the Council members are often needed for support of the Chairperson’s directions. Like it is said, the buck stops here. The Chairperson is responsible for the whole upkeep of the estate and has to be the person in front of the owners to account for the work done through the year during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).