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One of the frustrating thing that an estate can experience is the constant tripping of garden lights especially along walkways which are heavily used. Architects often design with the ambience in mind when placing these garden lights. However, being exposed to rain and shine wears out these lights faster than those in the shade.

When a garden light trips, one could check if it were due to the light bulb fusing. If it were, a quick replacement would solve the problem. Often when an estate is already 4-5 years old, these trips are due to water / condensation getting into the light itself. The seals would have hardened and broken, unable to do its job of keeping the moisture out of the inside of the light. Electrical contacts when in touch with moisture would result in a trip. Another culprit would be the underground cable buried in the soil. If moisture were to get in, it would result in a trip too.

An inexpensive way to solve the tripping may be to replace the seal of the garden light. However, if that does not work, replacement of the whole garden light may be necessary. Issue is when 1 garden light is replaced, often it is different in design compared to the earlier installed garden lights. Since the other garden lights may also be near the end of their lives too, it may make sense to replace all at one go. The underground cables may need to be replaced too. A judgement call by Council is needed on the replacement of the garden lights and cables then.

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