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When an existing cleaner is not doing a good job cleaning the estate, perhaps it is time to change the cleaner. Most of the time, before making the change, it may be necessary for the Council to identify where the gaps are before going out to get new quotes. Otherwise, the same mistake and poor cleaning results would recur.

An example would be not specifying the need for monthly water jetting to clean the car park or an annual cleaning of the estate or extra waste disposal work before and during  major holidays like Chinese New year, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali etc. Without these requirements written in the scope of work in the agreement, the cleaner would assume these are not required and omit doing these. Mismatch of expectations between the Council and the Cleaner happens. Consequently, the residents/Council may be unhappy with the state of affairs. Changing to a new Cleaner without addressing this would result in the same situation repeated. There have been situations where Councils changed from one Cleaner to another without achieving the results desired.

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