Changing Managing Agent

Often Councils have to change their Managing Agent for whatever reasons. The change tends to be seamless most of the time. But do Council members know what is going on behind the scene? What about the process of changing?

Once a Council decides to change their Managing Agent, the Council should send a termination letter to the incumbent, typically giving 30 days notice or more depending on the agreement. Next, the Council should provide the name and contact number of the new Managing Agent to the incumbent so that the two parties can work out the details of the handover.

At the appointed date and time between the outgoing and incoming Managing Agents, the estate’s files, drawings, keys and accounts are handed over. Both would sign a handover checklist and finalise the handover. If there are anything outstanding, this would be noted in the checklist. Council can ask to take a look at the checklist to see what has been handed over and if anything is missing or short.